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Photo by Angie White/Written by Emmett Williams

Aaron Mills was born in the early sixties in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his two children, call the state of Virginia their home. Aaron is an honorably discharged veteran.


At the age of around six or seven, Aaron remembers drawing while he was learning how to write. As a youth, Aaron was initially attracted to D.C. Comics and became an avid reader. Beginning his love of comic book characters. As he grew, he discovered that he preferred the realistic storylines of Marvel Comics, as well as their personal character flaws, and remains a loyal Marvel Comics fan to this day.


Aaron’s youngest child is his biggest fan. He has helped his dad brand his style of art, as Scribble 2.0.


Aaron, now in his mid-fifties, is trying local venues to promote his artistry, as well as trying to build an online presence for his numerous works. He admits he is the kind of person who stays mainly to himself. He is focused at the present, on catching up on his current creative endeavors. He enjoys drawing and illustrating his comic artwork, as well as being an excellent pencil-portrait artist. Aaron’s work is detailed oriented. He has created amazing mash-ups of famous people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. Other notable portraits include mash-ups of Prince and Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and Muhammed Ali and Tupac along with Biggie Smalls.


Aaron enjoys Cos-play events, and he has appeared as the character Black Panther.


Aaron is currently looking in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia for more venues to display his artwork.