Hi Alexis!

Introduce yourself and tell our audience about your Modeling and Acting experiences.


Hi I’m Alexis Renae! I’m a Model, Actress and CEO of my own model coaching agency Role Models 808 (inspired and built on the ethics of Hawaii and Ohana). I’ve been modeling since 2016 and in 2019 is when I did my first runway show back home, Hawaii Fashion Week. I have a background in acting which I believe has really helped my modeling career because as a model you’re playing a role or becoming a character and that’s the whole fun of photoshoots and hair and makeup and different looks. When I’m on set I’m living my childhood dream of playing dress up all day!



Alexis were there any inspiring people you had as role models?


Maybe it’s cliche but my grandma and my mom. Because my grandma was actually a Beautician for many years as I was growing up and for two reason that inspires me! It showed hard work and entrepreneurship and it also introduced me into makeup and beauty and see how exciting the ladies would go and the energy and confident boost they had. And mom was always such a magical go getter! Anything she wanted or anything we felt as kids my mom some how always had a way of it happening. That showed me that even if you can see or understand the way to the results right in the moment doesn’t mean you can’t have it. It truly built the mindset and motto I have “Why Not Me!”




Were family and friends supportive?


Yeas, as I mentioned earlier my mom and grandma, but also I had so many friends in Hawaii that not only supported me but we all supported and thrives off each other! We would go to castings together, we’d practice together, when one was struggling there was also someone or more then one person backing them and helping them! I loved that because no one felt threatened or jealous of one another it was genuine happiness for everyone’s success because we always new we were a family. In hawaii family is called Ohana and it doesn’t just have to be blood, we truly were each others Ohana and knew that if one was successful they would help that others. That’s exactly what we did.


I have one friend who told me when I was acting to stop saying “I’m an inspiring actor” he told me “you act right? So you’re no longer inspiring. Because you are!” Since then I use that and share that when I’m coach and mentoring my models! “You are not inspiring to be a model… you are a model!”



Have you taken Acting/Modeling Classes and were they helpful?

Yes and Yes! I took both and they extremely were helpful. In many ways…I’ve always been (and even today) a really shy person believe it or not! So taking acting classes really put in a room with exploring creativity and breaking out of my shell. Taking modeling and acting classes really not just help sculpt me into becoming me as an actor or model but it truly helped also teach me basics and etiquette of the industry!


Beyond appearance, what are potential clients looking for?

Etiquette!!!!! I see it so many times when I’m on set so many models and actors thinking they are the best and acting all demanding or un kind and all that is so unnecessary. Everyone needs to remember that when we are all on set or all casting for the role we are all leveled equally with respect. Because if you the best and better then you wouldn’t be auditioning right? You’re there just like everyone else. So when it comes down to it it’s being humble. I feel like my talent and kindness has gotten me in so many doors! I’ve been told by that and designers that what attracted them to me besides my beauty was also my humbleness and they watched how I’d help others on set. People want to work with others that are they for the team not just themselves because they already know you’re talented and beautiful they wanna see are you a hard worker and team player.


What are some of the things you want to ultimately accomplish in your career/What’s your Dream Job?


I would love to go to London and walk in London Fashion Week. It’s a big goal of mine I think also because to travel is one of my passions and I’ve always wanted to go to London so why not accomplish both at the same time.


And I would love to successfully established a strong production team of a yearly Fashion Show. In August 2023 I’m so proud of myself that I’ve planted that seed, I’m slowly growing that goal and I know just like my modeling career everything that’s important and worth it takes time and dedication and it’s no overnight success. Things that you have to invest in and fight for we tend to cherish and protect more! We don’t then for granted so I am patiently nurturing my seed “my goal” daily


If you could achieve one major thing  in the next 5 minutes, in career or personal life, for the world…what would that be?


Oooh good one!…. In the next FIVE MINUTES… of course I would say stop all the hate and fighting (war) but career wise would be awesome to get a phone call RIGHT NOW for a campaign contract singing it for a year!!!! Omg that would be wonderful!


I have big goals in 2024, I am planning to do a lot of traveling. I’ve always enjoyed road trips and exploring places. Every summer I’d go to my grandparents and we would always travel in this HUGE van and go all over road tripping. So I feel this year in 2024 is my year of travel in my career. I’m currently booked up till July with a few gigs that I’m traveling to some will be Texas, California, Seattle, Hawaii, NYC, Florida and back in DC around August to Produce our annual fashion show Swim & Fashion Week Xperience