Dori Jalazo

Artist Dori Jalazo has completed a project titled “Windows to My Soul.” The multi-dimensional work spans nine sculpture pedestals, some over 8 feet tall. According to the artist, it is purposefully sweeping and chaotic, conveying her process to become her true self. Much of her inspiration stems from the childhood amputation of her right leg. Mrs. Jalazo’s work is in public and private collections throughout the world, including those of Elie Wiesel, Harry Connick Jr., Henry Winkler, and Dr. Ruth.

Photographed, Friday, April 20, 2018, in Greensboro, N.C. JERRY WOLFORD and SCOTT MUTHERSBAUGH / Perfecta Visuals
4x5 – Version 3

”The Gift that God gave me is me, my own Soul. I have fought hard all my life to give birth to it. We are all given that gift of our own Soul.
I have to be me, to live my truth, to take responsibility for my mistakes, to help who I can along the way; writing , making Art.
Sometimes it is lonely and hard. I do my best…it’s all I’ve got.”
-Dori Jalazo

Jalazo was subjected to severe child abuse as early as age 4 resulting ultimately in the amputation of a leg.

Her mechanism for dealing with the memories of those horrors has been channeled into her Art as means of her only therapy at the time.

On growing into adulthood she has become a master art-maker and speaks to others who can identify with her circumstances,

and help them heal as well.

Her installations measure 8 feet around and are in need of a permanent public space.

The installation deals with a variety of imagery and mediums which touch on her memories.

Some of the works in Jalazo’s collection have cheerful, whimsical aesthetics.

Jalazo also expects to be featured in Guilford Woman Magazine in August 2020.

_As American As Apple Pie_

Copyright Dori Jalazo

Mother Love -Sold

Copyright Dori Jalazo

_Swimming Upstream_

Copyright Dori Jalazo


dennis wells 2

The Artist’s Prices Range from

$30 to $3000,

Sizes of his works are

4” x 6” up to 4′ x 5′

Materials include:

Acrylic Paint on Wood Blocks, and Canvases.

Why do you make Art?

 I’m not sure that I can or would want to point to any one thing. Creating is almost a compulsion for me. Something I feel like I need to do.

Do yo remember when you first began to make Art?

I don’t remember a time when I did not love to create. I remember being in elementary school and drawing on the last few feet of paper from blue print rolls my father would bring home from work. As a full time professional though it has been six years.

How would you describe your Artwork?

I would describe it as contemporary objective abstract with cubist influences or interesting angular interpretation of life. 😂

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I love to try new mediums and techniques so it can vary greatly from piece to piece. The majority of my work is in acrylics and pen and Ink.

Where can folks find your Artwork?

 I’m a member and almost always have a few pieces at Delurk Gallery and Red Dog Gallery In Winston Salem, NC. My work is also available at Modern Furniture Studio in Charlotte, NC, but I have shown in many other cities including Durham, Greensboro, and Los Angeles.

Do you have any current or upcoming exhibitions in 2019?

I have two shows in 2019 in Winston Salem and Pasadena in October.

I’m always creating and looking for opportunities and venues but don’t have any solo showings on my calendar at the moment.
As for my work I am hoping to put together a small body of sculptural work for next year.

Contact Information:
Dennis Wells Art Work In Facebook

Dennis_Wells_Art on Instagram

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Artist Marshall Lakes shares images of his Art and Fans! The Artist is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and is a fixture at Comic Art Conventions.

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Artist Marshall Lakes is pictured above with costumed stuntwoman Damita Howard (The Walking Dead) at a comicon.

“Lakes” as he usually signs was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from North Carolina A & T. The Artist journey began as a youth drawing Spiderman and other comic heroes to hone his skills. ”If it was a cartoon it got watched!” he remembers. He recalls that he was proud at being selected to be part of APR an advanced placement class by an Art Teacher who noticed his ability. Early in his art studies he did classical drawings and paintings, but he says, ”It wasn’t in my heart.” His imagery is fun, it captures the essence of the characters people know and love. He got one of his first opportunities in the comics business as a Concept Designer for a soon to be big African-American owned comic-book publisher ANIA. At one time they were seen as the 16th largest publisher of comics best known for the PURGE  comic-book in the 1990’s. He remembers the lack of diversity for comic heroes and reminisces that Static Shock was embraced and filled a void. ”People in their 30’s-40’s now enjoyed that character.”

He moved onto a niche area of focus he calls ”Con Life” short for Comic Convention events where he draws, paints and meets fantastic people. He met the ”King of Comic-book Artist” Jack Kirby. Kirby began to tell him a story ”Lemme tell you about the Silva’-Surfa’….he has cosmic Powers!…” then his wife Roz had to cut the story off to move the pressing crowd through the line. He also met the great Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and recounted his experience  meeting him. ”McFarlane would finish at the convention and then hang out in the lobby and talk to us about art, business, look our work over, he was just really cool”. He also met a friend of McFarlane’s who wears a Spawn costume at appearances named Alphonse  (”ready for battle”) who may have inspired the character.

Lakes price range for originals is very competitive and fans really enjoy the work. The cost of an Artist entry into an event ranges from $50-300 depending on the venue. He is usually “Guest Artist” he states ‘it’s free’. Convention Prices for original black & white sketches, 11” x 14” for 40-60 bucks, 16” x 20” 100-125. Artist Studio Rates for original Paintings $250-1000 size 16” x 20” up to ”24 x 48”.