Baltimore born couple known as Cool Blu and Lady Blu hosts community talk show

they call BLU TALK via podcasts, spotlighting local businesses and talent.

#BluTalk S3E2: Chakral Body Care
We’re back with ANOTHER episode of #Blutalk (season 3) and today we have the pleasure of choppin’ it up with @Dem Chakras owner of Chakral Body Care. She’s …
September 26, 2022 12:20 pm
Hello, this is EM tell me a little about your biz, how you got started, who your target audience is, and your mission. Where located/based? good contact e-mail
❤️ Baltimore,MD.
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My Name is Blu and I co-host a podcast with my wife (lady blu) called Blu Talk. We highlight topics that affect adults/young adults heading into those transitional years in life. We also highlight local entrepreneurs looking to make positive impact in our community. We’ve currently been posting once a month but looking to film more now that our network is starting to expand.
Your show has Guests, and offers advice,,,any physical products or recommendations only?
We will look at some of your vids and talk…
OK very good, we can get a little dialogue going, and i’ll build a page as we begin. when you get a chance forward some pics we can use, Logo and as hi resolution PICS AS POSSIBLE (300 DPI) IS IDEAL. TTYL
Any well-known or Famous guests, yourselves, products, sponsors, anything else you want public to know.
We do a little of both. This is our 1st season with guests now that the equipment has elevated. We want to provide an authentic glimpse into the eyes of entrepreneurs and what really takes place behind the scenes. The things folks don’t usually highlight
Great!OK we are all about that. Will touch base soon.
September 27, 2022 8:50 am

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September 28, 2022 8:13 am
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Ok. Working on November Issue….will put something online….then see if can fit in this months issue.
GM 😁 I thank you for taking time out of your day to add if we’re able to make this month’s issue. I wish you nothing but continued success heading into 2023.
Another option is my YouTube channel….Emmett Television….an extension of the magazine…since on Youtube…may be connect that way since you have vids….can just have people ready to go look at ur Shows via our promos….
Ok so will add to site. Info…post…then link in your Youtube urls
Emmett Television sounds cool as well. I’m definitely open to it