By Emmett Williams


Please tell our audience your name and where you are from.

I’m Alexandra Nunez, the founder of ByAlexas Atelier Studio – Where the Dress of Your Dreams Comes True.

I am originally from Venezuela but have resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the last 20 years.

What inspired you to become a Fashion Designer? And tell us about your brand.

This is an interesting story! My first taste of fashion started with a home project to make curtains.

To complete this project, I took sewing classes and fell in love with designing.

I started creating my pieces- from everyday clothing to special occasion outfits like my high school graduation dress.

After these projects, I knew I wanted to pursue higher education in fashion design,

first in my country Venezuela, and then here in the USA.

Throughout my 30 years in the fashion industry, I loved how my pieces enhanced my clients’ beauty,

and reflected who they are, which is the purpose of my brand, ByAlexas!

Established three years ago during the pandemic, ByAlexas is not merely a clothing company;

it is a conduit for empowering women across ages and backgrounds.

Our mission transcends fabric and stitches, seeking to evoke feelings of beauty,

empowerment, and confidence through the universal language of fashion.

Each handcrafted piece is tailored exclusively for our clients,

specializing in special occasion attire such as bridal and evening wear,

cocktail dresses, and this year’s noteworthy addition—a bridal swimwear collection.

ByAlexas stands as a testament to the transformative power of fashion,

uniting individual expression with timeless elegance.


 Tell us now, who is your target audience, plus where your designs h

ave appeared recently  as well as any upcoming events, please.

I design for vibrant, spirited women who view fashion as a canvas for self-expression.

My creations cater to a diverse audience, embracing women of all ages,

backgrounds, and sizes. With a focus on celebrating individuality,

my designs empower women to showcase their unique selves to the world.

Over the past two years, I have showcased my designs at prestigious events worldwide,

including New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Milan Fashion Week,

and Art Basel. Looking ahead, I aspire to make a triumphant return to

New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week while exploring new horizons

by participating in shows like LA Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week,

and Paris Fashion Week in the coming year.

Would you like to mention any mentors you may have had

in your journey to becoming who you are today?

I wanted to thank all the people who have shaped me into the designer I am today.

Many thanks to my dear Mrs. Barbara Hill from Spain, who taught me everything I know

about sewing and introduced me to bridal fashion in Venezuela.

Thanks to my professor from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale;

Mr. Millman for teaching me the technological tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator that I use daily to bring my creations to

In life, and Mrs. T for teaching me the fashion production,

and other important skills to succeed into the fashion business.

If you want to Contact US!

Make a free consultation through my website

Instagram: @byalexas_