O        R        I        G        I        N        S

A group of guards rush to their leader’s office and violently bang on the door frantically shouting “John Kimbro is Loose!!!”
Four words that terrify the man on the other side of the door. A few seconds ago he believed himself to be the most powerful man in the country.
With all his men, their seemingly unlimited supply of weapons and the will and military might to stamp out all adversaries and keep the small country and it’s countryman under their control. Now at once he feels small, insignificant and weak as his mind ponders just four words and considers what they mean.
John Kimbro. An accountant whose sole purpose was to create and maintain the books for the Capitan. Books which were to conceal his theft and grand scheme of underworld business connections from arms dealing to slave labor farmed out through the prisons. Guilty and innocent alike supplied to evil mining companies and free labor for the rich.
But Kimbro refused. He refused to be intimidated, and then they tortured him.
Not knowing that they had more than a 160 pound accountant to subdue but a 2000 pound titan hell bent on their destruction. Rumors spread through the country that this man appeared to have a connection to the giant.
They both appeared at the same time, and the two never seen in the same place. Now hearing the guards say that Kimbro was loose, The Capitan realizes who John Kimbro really is. And he is afraid.
“He’s coming Capitan!!! He is coming!” The guards shout. The door explodes violently into a pile of countless large splinters as a mere tap of the enraged entity’s massive fist makes contact. The concrete flooring shatters as he stomps his way onto it seeking ‘El Capitan’ the nickname of his tormentor. The fake-badass villain is found under his desk trembling with terror in a growing puddle of his own making.
The mammoth-sized brute gently pinches him by his belt, snatches him up and carries him off ruggedly for miles through the evening darkness to dispense ruthless justice.
captain zero-title
 Alex Winter has become a pilot in the Air Force. It was very hard to get where he is and now he has to risk everything for God and country as he goes to war. He spends his last night home on a date with Raven, who is in his eyes Movie-Star-Lovely, and her figure ‘a spectacular example of American Made Architecture’.
They walk along the river as a Frank Sinatra old but goody plays on the radio from one of the other couples cars. ..”I’ll be see-ing you…..” they dance close under the moonlight and drift to their car, where they make out. A rude wrap on their steamy windows causes a snoopy cop to disturb them.
“Aww-right you kids…that’ll be enough of that!” They roll down the window and are recognized. “Oh, Captain, apologies! Good evening…Miss Right!” He tells Raven.
He drives her home, where she sneaks him up the stairs. She convinces him to stay without much effort. Her clothes flee from her in the dark, and she mouths the words “Come back to me…” and he smirks a response…”I will’’’…Immediately on arrival a special mission is in play and a group is chosen of unmarried men to participate in a drawing. The final group is called in, and they are down to the last drawing of 11 men of which one will fly the most dangerous role. The slips of paper are numbered 0-10. The ‘0’ will be the man to fly it.
Alex draws number ‘10’, and next to him a man is sweating and has a slight tremor to his hands. He glances down to see he has drawn the ‘0’ number. And realizes he would not be a good choice. Alex tears his slip in half, keeping the zero. A superior comes into the room. He stares at the men then asks, “Who is our Captain ‘Zero’?” At once Alex asserts. “I am, Sir!”
The mission was to carry a new coolant consisting of chemicals to keep the troops meals colder to offer more nutritious options.
The other pilots would escort his plane as far as possible…but he was not to engage the enemy, and fly straight to the drop site.
He knew the others well, as they drank and shot dice as often as possible.
They raced to their planes, and were off! As they roared upwards Alex could swear he saw Raven’s likeness in the clouds.
The enemy is spotted loitering in the air and creeping closer to the small group.
They alert each other to prepare to break formation, and ordering Alex to continue on.
Alex copies. The hum of motors is rhythmic, warning shots are fired across their wings, and the group breaks to engage. The fire fights get extremely dire as 2 of his escorts are shot down.
Alex obeys orders and forces himself to continue ahead to the drop point.
He sees that only one pilot remains and he is being fired on by 3 planes.
He knows he doesn’t have time to engage…but decides finally,
“I’ll just have to be quick about it and make time!”
He zooms into the scene, and takes out two of the planes, then is thanked by the pilot, “Go ahead Captain Zero!” “I can handle the last one!”
“Affirmative!” Alex flies onward.
What he doesn’t realize is that he’s been hit!
He was just nicked, but the pressure was becoming a bigger crack, which then expanded to the engine.
He realizes he’s going down, he gets on his parachute but it’s gonna mean he fails the mission.
He opts to land her. He sees a way and takes a path down, and makes it safely, then he tries to unload the coolant and the plane explodes engulfing him in the coolant chemicals.
He can’t believe he is still alive as he seems to be unable to move. An icy aching cold takes over his body.
He tries not to lose consciousness…….but finds himself sleeping deeper and deeper still.
His skin becomes rock hard and wretchedly frozen under layer upon layer of ice.
All he can do is think of Raven.
The memory of her brings warmth to him.
He senses the approach of men in boots…soldiers!
But from the other side…….
The harder he tries to see through the ice, the more it seems to be melting!
The eyes now laser-like burn through and finally he flexes to free himself shattering his icy prison.
The soldiers fire on him. The bullets ricochet off his new flesh.
He begins to sense his new power. Every thought becomes transformed into a new weapon!


-To Be Continued!