Dennis Wells

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”Removed from Nature’s calls”
every new beginning is some other beginnings end
”Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end”
catch or release-denniswells


“Catch or Release?”


The Art of Dennis Wells

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”Pink and White Blooms”
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 ”Walking into a room where I don’t know anyone.”

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Works by Dennis Wells have a very strong graphic quality.

The imagery ranges from inky pop-art portrait to vibrant cubist works.

Wells is mostly self-taught and describes his desire to make art

as somewhat of a compulsion, something he feels he ”needs to do”.


 Wells’ public works include both murals and sculptures in the North Carolina area.

Wells’ medium of choice is a fusion of ink and acrylics which create a very impactful impression on viewers.


His woodblock pieces are featured in Art-O-Mat machines which dispense art.

Pictured above are some of the famous likenesses featured on woodblock in the art-dispensing Art-O-Mat machines

around the country and abroad. Wells depicts Jackie Chan, John Candy, Amy Winehouse, Winston Churchill, Richard Pryor,

Dave Chappelle, Samuel Jackson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Onassis as subjects pictured above.

“I have several different series of images all are on wood blocks. I do the acrylic and inks, the stencil series,

and some that are pyrographic (wood-burnished).”

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His studies began early in life as he routinely drew on rolls of blueprint paper his Father

brought home  while he was still in elementary school.

 He enjoys experimenting with new media and techniques which he varies from piece to piece.

                                 ”I’m a member and almost always have a few pieces at Delurk Gallery and Red Dog Gallery In                               

Winston Salem, NC. My work is also available at ,The Sandpiper Gallery in Charleston, SC.

but I have shown in many other cities including Durham, Greensboro, and Los Angeles.”

The Artist had two exhibitions in 2019 in Winston Salem and Pasadena in October.

Stay tuned as we’ll post his upcoming exhibits in 2021 here. 


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