D J Herbin


By Fred Little

Squeezing paint out of a tube to create astonishing commissioned portraits Greensboro, North Carolina native and Page High school graduate, (2001), Dwayne Herbin has come a long way from painting Bart Simpson on jeans in Elementary school.

” I was always into the Art grind even as a young boy I painted Marvel characters on lunch boxes, tee shirts, sneakers and even boots for candy money,” said Herbin. In years to come he painted more wearable art such as jackets even mannequins for retail stores were added to his arsenal.
Herbin also shows an edgier art side and paints grill tops, vehicle hoods, sculpted steel and metal garage doors at mechanics shops in the Triad and east coast.

As life has peaks and valleys so has Herbin’s artistic journey. For approximately 10 years he just worked at a cement company as a laborer. ” I almost worked myself to death and my art production suffered,” said Herbin. His duties included manually moving cement slabs used for parking and speed bumps. This may have resulted in him developing a rare auto immune illness which affected his motor skills. This ailment made him wheelchair bound and required him to draw disability. But in this valley of life he rediscovered sketching nature.

This lasted for about 6 months and inspired him to name his Art exhibit ” Mercy.” Herbin feels blessed to have received a second chance and wants his story and Art to inspire others to pursue their dreams and fearlessly display their gifts. ” Inspire” may be the next Herbin Exhibition.

The Artist recalls ” My natural ability allowed me to see at an early age that I was pretty good. My surroundings inspire me most of all. I was about 7 years old when I really began to sit down and draw a lot. Then at bout 15 years of age , I began to take my talent seriously.”

Herbin has been seen painting live downtown in Greensboro, NC. Herbin describes his Art as natural, bold, colorful, and precise.

” I use acrylic paint mostly but I have created with Spray paint, pastels, wood, metal, cloth, along with pencil and ink on just about anything that I can get my hands on.”

Herbin’s works have been seen at The African American Atelier, Uptown Artworks, ArtsSpace Uptown, The Artist Bloc, local barbershops, diners, coffee shops, Clubs, parks, rec centers. He has also created murals for clients homes in the Triad. The Artist won a state art contest in 2001 as a student.

For more information check DJ Herbin on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.    https://www.instagram.com/dherbinart

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