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The multi-talented Navat came to the U.S. in the early ’90s with his family and have triumphed over the early challenges life threw at them in their new environment.

Today Navat presides over a frantic business-life as he jets to numerous locals across the globe to supply what is needed to his ever-expanding elite client-list.

His world is filled assistants at all levels of experience from Models, to Designers and Photographers.

They all enjoy the fast-paced creative atmosphere and the elegant surroundings as well as sets they conjure up for their clientele.

Navat is a Visual Artist, as well a self-taught Musician and Designer of Fashion and Jewelry.

His works will be featured throughout the article.

Photograph by Norman E. Jones

I think this is where my story starts. My very first set Design
also features a young model who was at the time new to modeling.
But ultimately this photo became one of the most recognizable in set Designs in the locality.

The set itself tells a story which I never get to tell, or no one ever seems to notice its symbolic meaning.

Seems like a setting from another era…but now a new day and a new mistress is enjoying the setting.
How long have you been at it….design….and where du you study….music….art….from DC? Or abroad…

I was a rookie in set Design, but rose to the top overnight…kind of.

Because I still consider it as a hobby, though I’ve become one of the most sought after.
To me… Its preparedness meets opportunity….or vice-versa….

What’s your education background…?

Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland.

Study piano at school or self taught?

I majored in architecture and interior design.. piano self taught
I’m surprised you noticed me playing the piano!

Are you photographer as well?

I’m not. Or at least now I know I’m not.

Now that I’m working side by side with one of the best photographers.

Norman Jones  is the best photographer I know.

Do you show your paintings in an Art Gallery ?

I did once, they sold, but I never did it again because I’m attached to my art.

Love that abstract piece….would like to put it in the story.

Sure! That’s for a private client in which I cannot publicly mention.

Ok cool.

Do you have anything left you want to achieve in life…career-wise?

Of course! It’s everything!

What makes you want to do what you do….creatively…..for me….life was chaos….I wanted beauty and order….so I made pleasant things.

I wanted to free myself from the gilded cage of high end art and antiques and high profile clients…

I wanted to be me.

I got tired of girls just wanting portraits….so I drew women on the streets that nobody seemed to care about.

The pretty ones seemed to want confirmation/validation that they were beautiful….the street women just needed to be acknowledged.

That’s poetic… what you just said.

How do you see yourself?

Me? I don’t. I see myself in people who’s lives I touch.

My achievements are not what matters knowing I’m capable of anything.

It’s the people around me who are empowered by believing in themselves after I remind them they too can do anything

Is the recognition I seek ( the ones that are truly deserving).

Proof and validation are nothing. Belief is the most powerful thing a human being can possess.

How about growing up….how was it for you?

Growing up . Father as a governor in our province, step mom, etc. moved to the states- situation reversed.

Where was this?

The Philippines.

Growing up started when I was put in a foreign land (USA) where I had to adapt and survive.

Ghetto was Hell.


Was your family with you here or on your own?

Yes, my mom petitioned us here.

She sacrificed everything in order to get custody of us.

How many of you ?


Are you the oldest?


The ghetto is just that. A label.

One would not know the difference if one never sees what’s outside of it

Now that I’ve climbed up that ladder fair and square and feel truly deserving.

Are you even 30 yet?

41 this month!

No shit?

Ok….good genes.

No shit. No I won’t be in Forbes under 30 😒


Forbes…was a goal when i actually cared….

But now just enjoy learning about people….other creatives…mostly….

You still do. That’s why you’re reigniting this passion of yours.

This is also your creative side.

I was gonna say….when it seems like you are getting to the top…..your mind already saw you there.

Very true. Not precognition. Belief.

I just never focused on….other abilities….I’m obsessed right now with getting stories out….haven’t painted in


Everyone moves at their own pace.

That’s part of being ourselves

That’s a small freedom we can choose!


I dropped out of college because i was already noticed by designers.

Hence I became an executive at 19.

I had friends in all walks of life…

Too fast too soon, then started over.

This time with a very important lesson.

People need to hear your story man.

Thank you Emmett.

As well with you

Yours is truly inspiring.

And yes, you still care very much about your own journey.

Well this is the real purpose of the mag…artists/creatives are at all ages and stages….they need to know alternate plans to get them where they aim to go in life from people who achieved much.

Nothing is over until we’re dead. Even then, we still have to negotiate with God.


Remember.. belief is your most powerful weapon.


Don’t let others make you believe something you don’t

Believe in yourself first

Then take care of others.

Never let others define your reality.



Putting it on a tee shirt


I’ll buy one!