By Emmett Williams


“Her story is about the business of modeling as well as the modeling of her businesses.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Nikki’s image impressions are in the millions. Aesthetically speaking she is lovely, but we are also interested in beautiful minds at EMMETT MAGAZINE.

“We don’t just care about who you are wearing, we also want to know what you are thinking. The more we can tell the public about you the stronger and clearer your brand can grow. Like a building it all starts at the bottom, which is the foundation. Without a strong foundation you can not reach the tremendous height of a skyscraper.” -EMMETT

And so we talked to Nikki Gal who began modeling at age fifteen, and now a decade later has her foundation in modeling and is spinning her successes into present day successes via business ventures.

We chatted a bit about the trending subject of AI. Which Nikki brought up wanting to know my opinion, and it went something like this…

“I think AI is a tool to be used by MAN but the term artificial intelligence is misleading as it is ‘intelligence’ via information that is input into whatever format. The machines in which it is in, …are implanted by man, initiated by man, and are a combination/mash-up of existing text, and images created and pre-existing. For example, my vacuum cleaner does not suddenly turn itself on, and do my carpets because it doesn’t like a dusty carpetr. That information would be programmed by a thinking human, and whatever animated motion a predetermined series of commands triggered to function when a human has decided the circumstances.

Image related AI, and Actors strikes over who owns and controls the actors image, and who gets compensated, could…ok in my opinion be decided by said actors and models, creatinbtg their own AI in advance, thereby owning their own likenesses, and controlling those rights, in a sense trademarking their own likenesses.”

We talked of collaboration on current projects beginning with this initial story.

“Hi Nikki, tell our audience your name and where from…”


“Hi Emmett Magazine! My name is Nikki Gal. I’m an American fashion model, multi-faceted entrepreneur and advocate. I am from New England as I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life.”

What was it like growing up before modeling?

Growing up I was always a studious kid, and was fascinated with the arts. In high school I was an art student, and studied different art mediums including graphic design/multi media software and various painting techniques. The power and influence of artistic expression has always been a core part of my life, especially from an early age. Before I became familiar with the fashion industry, creativity within the arts was the first passion I’ve ever had. 

What age were you when you first desired to become a model?

When I was about 10 years old, I remember walking through the local grocery store with my mother and seeing various fashion magazines on the shelves. I thought to myself— I want to be in magazines someday. I became familiar with the fashion industry quickly, as  fashion shows caught my attention on television. Flipping through magazine pages of various fashion editorials and ad campaigns inspired me to want to pursue a career in modeling.  

Share how you got your first modeling gig/assignment…

 “In 2014, I got signed to my first modeling agency when I was 15 years old. The first gig I ever got was from my modeling agency at the time, which was a very very small runway show for Macy’s, Sears, and women’s retail shop Charlotte Russe. Looking back, it gave me great experience and was one of the most memorable moments of my teenage life. I remember wearing high heels and not really knowing how to walk but I tried my best and the show went by in an instant.”

Also are there any mentors who inspired you as a young model?

“When I signed with a second modeling agency in 2015, I was mentored by further experienced models whom I looked up to greatly at the time. It meant a lot to me as a young professional to be able to hear about their experiences and their work within the modeling industry. 90s supermodels such as Shalom Harlow, Helena Christensen, and Yasmeen Ghauri have always inspired me with their work ethic, self-expression and aura. They truly carved the path for the new generation of models and the fashion industry wouldn’t be the same without them.”

What was your favorite modeling assignment and where was that?

“I loved being photographed in my hometown for an editorial back in 2020. It was so free and light, and it was a beautiful day.”

You have been featured on many Magazine Covers, would you list some our readers may be familiar with?

“I’ve been on the cover of Harper‘s Bazaar Bulgaria, Grazia Croatia, Marie Claire Serbia, and Glamour Bulgaria.”

Nikki, at what point during your modeling career did you know you wanted to make a change/develop a business/businesses? (Your age as well, what led up to that realization?

 “As a model, I often felt my artistic ability and passion was being muted, which led me to want to pivot my professional career into being an artist. I didn’t want my own creative expression to be or feel muted anymore. In 2019, I launched my digital art company, See Thru Nikki, which ended up being a successful company. With the success of See Thru Nikki, I became inspired and motivated to launch more companies, plus a non-profit organization platform pertaining to women’s mental health and wellness.”

 Also, did you have any prior studies that helped you in a business sense? Accounting or other biz related courses?

 “I have taken marketing courses along with studying business branding, development, and product marketing.”

Share with us please,  some of your businesses by name/function/purpose.

  • Digital art company See Thru Nikki founded in 2019, was created to provide digital art services and promote creative expression and freedom in our society. By 2020, See Thru Nikki reached over 10 million online impressions via social media platforms. 
  • In 2021, non-profit organization and platform Raw Talk with Nikki Gal was created to advocate for women’s mental health. The platform reached 40 countries. 

“Photography company Shots by Gal was launched in 2021 to help fashion models build their professional portfolios and keep the vintage and candid style of photography alive in today’s world. I’ve had the pleasure to shoot and work with top agency represented fashion models that have been featured in magazines such as ELLE and Vogue. Intimate apparel company Gal Intimates founded in 2022 is an innovative and sustainable clothing brand, enhancing the celebration of the female.”

“Content and branding consultant company, Galvanize by Nikki Gal was founded in 2022 to help other entrepreneurs build their own careers by utilizing their own passions.”

You have achieved a lot in life, who inspired you and still believes in you since the beginning?

“My family has inspired me from the beginning of my life into my present day life, I wouldn’t be the woman I am without them. Other models, artists and entrepreneurs I’ve connected with through the years have also inspired me within both my personal and professional life.” 

Finally Nikki,  here is our infamous 5 minute question…

 Nikki…in a rapidly changing world, where time is no longer a constraint, and technology constantly evolving…

If you could grow your business, change the world for the better by adding something to it, travel anywhere on your bucket list….what would it be?

“If I could grow my business and change the world for the better by adding something to it, I would want to implement more of a structured creative and artistic atmosphere within the education system— kids need more of a creative foundation! 

 “If I could travel anywhere I would love to go to Tahiti, such a beautiful tropical island!”