by Emmett Williams


Erik, Maura, Emmett, and Esmae are a family unit of Artists and a Musician in Greensboro. I came to know them many years ago when Greensboro, NC was growing into a very impressive community with more opportunities for creatives, than most cities I’ve lived in. I for one thrived in it. It is planned, and well run, though not as many galleries downtown, their are still pockets of culture to be found if one looks. So I live on Instagram, and websites, and try to breathe life into my magazine, always looking for talent to speak to, as the original idea was to just do it and chat up friends about their art and share it all at once. Well sharing now through my magazine results in worldwide virtual placement. Contributing writers/photogs off and on, from around the globe. The world is getting smaller every second, obstacles to publishing are disappearing, leaving us numerous options to get seen.  I think I was 37 before any press happened for me. I still enjoy the same Artists I did when I went away 12 years ago, now their kids are into the arts and the torch is about to be passed to the next generation! 
I became familiar with Erik Beerbower and other Metal Artists around 2008 when we were working in an Artists Co-op. Beerbower’s woks had the industrial look, and some even had mobility/moving parts in some instances. What sets him apart from some (okay, me) is the introduction of vibrant color. Some works are functional art as well, as he has completed furniture items like tables. The personal sized gizmos, have deco qualities and some moving parts. Very good/appealing color-schemes too. I could see collecting and spreading around a home or office space.


ERIK BEERBOWER-Sculptor/Teacher

EM-October Issue-2022 Erik Beerbower-Art

Artist Statement

I specialize in creating functional sculpture. From fountains to furniture, figurative to abstract my work is both imaginative and approachable. I believe that creating art requires vision, inspiration, motivation and technical skill, but above all should resonate and connect with the viewer. Creating is a continual process of learning, evaluating, and adjusting which in turn builds experience and confidence as an artist.

Artist Statement on Public Art

Public Art provides an opportunity for me as an artist to build identity and distinctiveness to a community. I believe that Public art is a visible symbol of a city’s vitality and has the ability to transform the environment in which it is placed. True Public Art allows me as an artist to collaborate with the community to shape the work to meet the community’s need and the site where the work will be placed. It is a symbiotic relationship where the artist’s vision is constructed through the community’s voice.




EMMETT BEERBOWER-Musician/Guitarist

Emmett Beerbower-Pic


EM-October Issue-2022 Esmae Beerbower-Art