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Lead singer for the platinum selling R&B group known as Soul For Real (also Soul IV Real) is renowned for his lead vocals on the hit “Candy Rain” is focused on his solo career these days. The Soul For Real group of four brothers are originally from New York and included Jason Oliver (Jase), Christopher Sherman (Choc), Andre Lamont (Dre), and Brian Augustus (Bri).

The release of his latest 2020 solo single titled “Due Process” has been well received by fans of the artist’s music.

Previous releases by Jase include “1”, Krazy”, and ‘She’s Bangn’”. See and enjoy the videos below.

The song “If You Feelin’ Like Me” was the title of one of the artist’s solo singles, and later he released his third solo album titled…”If You Feel Like me”.

His body of work includes three solo albums to date. His high-quality videos are visually appealing, and the lyrics are of a higher caliber than most as his sound has matured and remained consistent over the years.

The singer has an Atlanta, Georgia based company called JaseMakerMusic, LLC (see JaseMakerMusic.com).


”To all my supporters, I’d like to thank you guys for the love you show me. It’s greatly appreciated!!”