It’s been a while back when these pics were taken. Myself and Writer/Fred Little did a brunch (1st time for everything) at the Historic Magnolia House.

We listened to tunes piped in as we waited for our meals, then at some point a live musician played sax for the patrons.

The atmosphere was that of New Orleans in flavor. The meals were worth the wait. Very good food.

An now the hat-trick of the week, as we segway into the Red hat Society, we will straddle it with this story as the ladies recently dined here as well! Timing huh?.


The Red Hat Society (Greensboro)
Vice Queen of The Red Hat Society


Glamtastic T as she calls herself, usually in a stylish topper of some sort, this time during an outing I asked her about the Hats…she volunteered she was a member of The Red Hat Society (Red Hatters) and I asked her to tell me more about it.

We usually catch a music performance on First Fridays, in downtown Greensboro, NC. And usually somebody wants to snap her picture in one of her hats. “Oh, you can be in it too…” they would offer.

“How come I’m supposed to be kinda famous and people just wanna take your picture?” I tease her. Just a little Cheshire-Cat grin and silence for a response. That’s just fine.

First Fridays

We enjoyed Lion Tracks a good Reggae Band.

Sugafoot (Candi Herbin) and Eye-Candi her band, followed and wowed us, even had us up dancing..somewhat.

She sang excerpts from an Aretha Franklin Tribute upcoming event on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Sweet Dreams It rained that evening so the event was moved inside the ICRM&C, so no pics, but good performance!

Sundown-Was another good group we heard at the ICRM&C this summer 2022.

Not too crowded, it’s a chill venue to hang out and enjoy the music with friends and fam.


NC Folk Festival

Great music, fun and food. Popcorn and was great to see yet another well-organized downtown event happening.


angel on m shoulders


Dori Jalazo, Int’l Artist/Author of “My Own Self”. She now resides outside the city,

but she was a long-term Greensboro, NC Artist. Jalazo held a Solo Exhibition, at the Jewish Temple in Durham, NC.


Gso Revo Mill 1

Tracey McCain hosts at Revolution Mill Event 2019 “Passport 2 Culture”


Fine Art Studio 142

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Greensboro, NC.


Artist Statement

 Since retirement I have devoted full time to painting and teaching. I teach a watercolor class and

a calligraphy class each week  at Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC, in a studio I share with 2 artists.


Painting is my passion, and I paint for the process. To me, the medium is mysterious and exciting,  and

creating art is about the basic need to experiment with the process. I love making art and watching colors

mingle and glow. My paintings are not always representational, but rather expressions of the subject or scene.


Taking liberties with color and choosing interesting subject and shapes are the methods I use in striving to

capture the feeling for subject, rather than a description. My work is primarily in watercolor,

but I have a great love for oils as well.

Carol Moates


Artist Statement

Painting is one of my greatest joys in life.  Nothing can be more exciting than to be filled with inspiration and then act on it.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul.   My eyes help me to express a part of my soul through my work.

Whether it’s a brilliant sunny day, an interesting still life, or figures on the beach…I am moved by the light which dances across

each object joining them as with a common thread; each reacting in their own special way.  I love to find a challenge  and

let the brush start to dictate where we will go with it.  Seeing colors and problem solving relationships between warm and cool,

intensity and contrast are all part of the puzzle beckoning to be solved. There is no greater privilege than to be able to act on an inspiration.

Judy Meyler

Judy Meyler-White Peony-EM OCT 2022

White Peony Oil on Canvas 30” x 30”

Original Fine Art & Classes




The Clark Whittington creation can also be seen at Revolution Mill.

8  4


The Artist/Illustrator is known for his ComiCon and Conceptual Art, Lakes always seems to enjoy the moments with new collectors and fans.



Solo viewing at her resident studio space inside the historic Sternberger Artists Center, Greensboro, NC-I visited with Johnson who I met a decade ago, my sister bumped into her, and they chatted, and my name came up somehow. Her works are very good and affordable-see info-link video-edit video of her.

EAW 0001


Writing takes up most of my time these days, as well as scheming, remodeling a new house. Chatting up a couple of friends at a time as time is extremely limited. No I don’t paint a lot, like the olden days. I would rather hoard them for my own enjoyment. No giggles. I am at the point of upholstering furniture of my own design featuring my own art. And then I’ll hoard it too. Sculptural concepts will be for sale, drawings for sale, and paintings available by commission. Reproduction prints on canvas, are popular now, and they can be signed/personalized. My Registered Trademark is PAPAMAMABABA®.

My good friend Actress Dee Dee Walker is in Mexico filming a new project, but recently hosted the Annual Sneaker Ball in Greensboro, NC.



Dee Dee Walker Live/Actress/Talk Show

Sneaker Ball-Walker hosted and SherylStyle attended, and bumped into Artist DJ Herbin, one of the participants. Before this event we were invited to her 106 TBC re-launch where we began interviewing Aime Alonzo a TV actress friend of Dee Dee’s. Timing.





Was one of EM’s first Contributors, since 2020 by shooting the Steven Cozart Exhibition at The African-American Atelier. The AAA is headed by Congresswoman Alma Adams a North Carolina State Representative.

(I was a board member at the African American Atelier in 2006. And also Festival/Poster Artist that year.)

The Atelier is a great space to exhibit in.


Steven Cozart Art

We were on our way to becoming a real magazine.

As is usually the case, notable Artists always seem to be near, since early childhood, at some point I just realized, I just needed to be prepared to seize opportunity as it always happens. Same goes for little sis, so when I can do it…put it all together in one piece.

So to connect things up a little bit more, let’s flashback to 2019 when I returned to the GSO for a minute to accept an Award called shockingly, “The Greensboro Pioneer Award” July 2019. Also Former Mayor Yvonne Johnson received an award as well. I was with my Fam, we were seated behind Singer Vanessa Ferguson.

Vanessa Ferguson

I visited Greensboro again in 2020, and met her little sister, a model, Venecia.


Carolina Peacemaker writer and our former Writer (EM) Fred Little was also in attendance of a movie premier, we talked to singer/musician Shelby J. and took pictures… as well as SPOT-TV’s Valerie Jones, who’s stories and shows I have appeared on. (Back in the day, as they say.)

greenville museum of art-2


Living African-American Artists of North Carolina (2008) Greenville, NC

A few of us were living in Greensboro, NC at the time. Among us were my friend Floyd Newkirk, who I exhibited with regularly.

We had Jazzy Encounters/Artist With a Bold Vision/Spotlight on Art/and Studio openings Filmed at Emmett’s Studio in all locations over the years so, both Little and Jones helped to launch the new magazine with articles focusing on Greensboro Artists who I had met/shown with and then seek nationally recognized folks I’d always knew I would have a conversation with since childhood. So I looked up Motown Legend Dennis Coffey, and asked him a few questions. I persuaded him that I was sincere about doing an Art & Entertainment Magazine. Originally thought of as a Q Pub (Quarterly Publication-welcome to EM-Speak).



45 minutes later I received answers to my questions in the form of a 600 word response as well as Photos. My vision was happening. Nobody had said no to the concept of my magazine and even if, I had long ago stopped asking for permission to make my ideas a reality.

 People who share your vision can help, and that is a beautiful thing when it happens.


Next where we began as a magazine in trying times, the focus shifted beyond the Arts to include Civil Rights and Police Brutality. My publication was 1 issue old. And then the protests started. I didn’t have suit and tie folks with impartial announcements on an abhorrent present day life and death matters where rights as citizens, to make it home safe after encountering the police were front page news. So I wondered what I was going to add, to help it if possible in the way of solidarity, decided to devote a magazine to the issue, and right then, saw some compelling photos featuring the photog herself, protesting with the crowd. Ex-Army Nurse, Angie White.


We talked, assembled photos, and came up with a couple photos great on their own, but combined…magic.

We found ourselves listed on major publisher’s sites as a Product. Only finding out later, we were there at ISSUE NO. 1. Here’s a short list.

Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Abe Books, Blackwell’s,  Good Reads, Books-a-Million, and I Music, etc.

Now, I know Writers, and they are good, but I am an Author. I have produced 22 Books and Magazines, because it’s necessary.

I have been writing since age eight but never thought of myself as one, as I saw it as a means to an end to launch comicbook heroes II created.

I have heard stories from Artist friends who met Stan Lee. I don’t have stories like that from encountering Lee.

I have the honor of being personally rejected, by him through a hand written note across my Xeroxed rejection letter, but he did say he liked my writing, but as far as the Art…to resubmit in about 10 years or so, to see if I could come up to ‘The Marvel Standard’. Yeah.

His letter found itself touching my filter-less Winston cigarette, catching ablaze and turning to ash.


Who We Are What We Do

So I go forward, and don’t look back. We do it bigger (EM) or we stay home, we don’t cover everything and everybody, we cover what moves us, and challenges us, to get to the next story or next level, we feel we NEED to tell, from those with something to say, to make our jobs easier. We are in it for the long haul, we adapt, and grow prune our techniques down to a science.

The goal equals documenting as many worthy folks as possible. People did it for me, when they didn’t have to. I learned from all the previous press, so I can tell you straight, it’s not coverage, it’s not stories, or sensational events it is dialogue for one, it’s communication skills for another, and lastly the most important thing is talking to someone/listening to someone who has something to say, and knows how to say it.

I like talking also to a person with lots of experience, especially at over-coming obstacles. That’s what it’s all about, tell me how to win. I wanna hear from people who have been where others want to go.

We need Solutions, not just problems, Conquerors, not just Cryers.

As My Mom used to say, to me since age eight..

“And, what are you going to do about it?”

Chat me up, here’s my contact info!


Julie - purple blouse 1

I’m here to help!”


Julie Hammontree, Realtor

KW ONE, Keller Williams Realty

“The ache for home lies in all of us — the place where we can go
as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou