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Lea Craigie’s musical interests include playing Saxophone in Jazz, Blues and Alternative Rock venues.

Cherry Blossom Festival, is a venue she recently participated in, as well as the Diplomacy and Fashion where she was exhibited.

She created a sculpture in 2021 shown in a park which is in a historic locale in DC where MLK,JR would gather crowds, Lea’s sculpture was later donated to a DC

AME church permanent home.

THE FLAG Scarf-Iranian activist, inspired by image of a trans woman  of color.

She has lived in Berkley Springs, WV, and Washington, DC where she was born.

She also studied by taking adult water color classes wile still in her youth.

Lea was exposed to stained glass techniques at age 4. She was taught by Grandmother who was also an Artist.

She is currently a Maryland resident, whose studio is in the Takoma Park Metro area of Washington. DC.

Lea is also a Muralist as well.

Lea went to school to study music, but became a mostly self-taught Artist, She has studied Sax and the Viola as well since age 12.

She prefers Alto Sax, over Soprano and Tenor, but plays both Alto and Tenor.

Lea is also a Pastry Chef …in FREDERICK MD, PLAYED IN BAND, and when her music set finished she finished the pastries.

ZYDEGO BAND,,(add blossom pics/blossom FESTIVAL)….BLOSSOM SCULPTURE….IN A PARK WHERE MLK GATHERED CROWDS.  Sculpture by Craigie is permanently displayed at the 2nd oldest AME church in Washington, DC….

Art is her therapy of choice, as well as her music. Art saw her through her toughest moments in life.

During the ‘90s she came of age as an Artist, her art is about social consciousness. Her musical inspirations are Nina Simone and Etta James.

Craigie is inspired by, powerful women and Artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, and her favorite is Frida Kahlo who she relates to on many levels.

I suggested self publishing.

Craigie has done art for free for years, and is now pricing her work strategically. I offered her a few tips on pricing, for when it comes to Art, it is practically a science. As over the years my clients tell me things that resonate to this day. “I’m not buying just art, I’m buying part of you”.

The Artist’s circle of Socialite circle of  friends and supporters include beginning and established collectors now willing to commission her for portrait wor

Below is a photo of 2021 National Cherry Blossom Sculpture that resides at the AME church.
Here’s a list of the National Cherry Blossom Festival Official Artist of 2022 projects she completed for them:
Designed the official 2022 poster(pic attached)
Designed the NCBF 2022 Metro Card(pic attached)
Designed the NCBF 2022 official kite(1,000’s flown on the National Mall this year at NCBF kite festival)(pic attached)
Designed a large stained glass artwork for the NCBF Private Gallery (pic attached)
Designed all 2022 NCBF Official Merchandise (T-shirts, bookmarks, magnets, ornaments, mugs, tote bags)(pic attached)
Designed float of my official NCBF artwork and rode in the NCBF parade with R&B artist Freddie Jackson(pic attached)
Designed and built 10 foot 3D greenhouse sculpture of my official NCBF artwork (pic attached)