The Red Hat Society (Greensboro)

A peek inside the world of the Red Hat Society, oft called “The Red Hatters”. Summer in Greensboro, NC out with a Vice Queen from their local chapter, at an International Civil Rights Museum & Center for a fine Jazz performance. Always in a stylish hat of some sort. I wondered aloud why i’m kinda famous..but everybody wanted to take her picture. To make it memorable…they would say ‘Oh, you can be in it too…”

Below pics show birthday celebration for their Queen Rita, and welcoming a new “Pinky” to their society, Granddaughter of the Vice Queen. 


”The Red Hat Society is a National Sisterhood Club Organization.  Women in the United States and abroad are members of their individual chapters located in cities and towns.  We go to parties and cruises which we call gatherings.  Most of our events take place during the daytime hours.  Chapters are encouraged to have no more than ten members because we need to be available to support one another in our time of need.  We have Pinky Chapters as well and Pinky Queens.  Each Chapter has a Queen and Vice Queen.”  Glamtastic T

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