Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney


Quilting is an amazing way to preserve history, conserve resources and provide a piece of comfort and for generations to come.

Today I am remembering an artist that came into my life in passing and still has place in my mind and my heart when I think of her work and influence.
Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, was a wonderful example of living art. Born in New Orleans, in 1950 Mooney’s artistic talent carried her throughout the world in fashion, humanitarian acts and in art education.

I met Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney In Greensboro, NC. where she held position at Bennett College for Women as Artist In Residence, It was in 2010 where my fondest memory of Mrs. Mooney was made when she facilitated a quilting workshop. at the African American Atelier, The workshop was very well attended by young, old, black and white. What a great way to bring community together.

I encourage you to research more on Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, whose work is in the collection of Oprah Winfrey, The late Dr. Maya Angelou and many other greats
We will miss Jacquelyn Mooney but her art will live on forever.

-Queen V