DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Tags Washington, DC Street with ‘Black Lives Matter’


June 16, 2020

Press Release

ORLANDO, FL – Rep. Demings said the following after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sex discrimination employment laws

apply to LGBTQ+ Americans:

Said Rep. Demings, “It’s hard to believe that we’re still debating whether discrimination is wrong.

The most fundamental freedom is to be who you are, and to exist without fear of prejudice and harm based on your identity.

This long-overdue ruling is a declaration of justice for people across America who have illegally lost their jobs or been passed

over due to their sexual and gender identities.

“However, the struggle continues. Many people don’t know it, but there is currently no federal law to prevent discrimination

against LGBTQ+ in housing, financial industries and education. We passed The Equality Act last year, but Senator

Mitch McConnell blocked a vote and trapped millions of Americans in continuing cycles of bigotry. The public should demand

justice and equality.

“As we continue to fight for a free and fair society for all, I extend my deepest thanks to the advocates who have struggled

on the behalf of millions of Americans. Rest in peace Aimee Stephens and Donald Zarda—countless people will be safer and

freer because you won.”

Congresswoman Alma Adams Press Release May 30, 2020.

 “For the second time in four years, the City of Charlotte finds itself under a state of emergency,” said Congresswoman Adams via video. “The reason we are here is because of modern-day lynchings – the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and others – and the failure of individuals within police departments across the country to value Black lives.”

 The Congresswoman added, “In this moment, we must be the spark that ignites justice, but we cannot light a fire so hot that it consumes us as well.

 Let’s use our collective anger to sing together as a choir for justice. Let us take our rage and dismantle these systems of oppression legislatively, not violently.”

 In 2016, Rep. Adams authored an op-ed after marching in the protests over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott – you can access that editorial here.

 Congresswoman Adams’ full video statement as prepared for delivery is below:

 Hello, I’m Congresswoman Alma Adams.

 For the second time in four years, the City of Charlotte finds itself under a state of emergency.

 The reason we are here is because of modern-day lynchings – the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and others – and the failure of individuals within police departments across the country to value Black lives.

 Let me be clear: my heart broke over these images. I am mad as hell, and any person of conscience should be as well. As James Baldwin once said,

 “To be Black in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

I’m not going to take that from you. Your rage is justified because it is in the pursuit of justice.

 However, this time is different in many important ways. COVID-19 continues to threaten the lives and well-being of our neighbors, and seniors, communities of color, and those who have health risks or have underlying conditions are doubly threatened.

 Additionally, we have heard reports from across the country and in Charlotte that outside organizers are turning protests violent with disregard for historically Black neighborhoods and minority business-owners.


We are already dealing with a pandemic virus so I feel the need to draw comparisons to police violence and murder of American citizens as well. This mindset has been acceptable in America by nature of a majority of citizens who have not and will not experience what most person’s of color learn practically in their cribs. My earliest memory is of a police beat-down in front of my house at age eight. A teenager was harassed and threatened by cops for the crime of bouncing a basketball. I never learned if he lived or died, only that they made good on their threats, they ‘went upside his head’ for bouncing a basketball in the street, in front of his parents, in front of his own yard in broad daylight. 

My mom came home and I could only draw her stick figures of the scene on the dirty glass of the window I watched it all from.

What people are now seeing we’ve dealt with, and been told by silly folks to ‘lighten up’ those days are over. Those days won’t be over until the cowards and the fools are dismissed from their duties at protecting and serving, while turning a blind eye to their racists buddies in blue snuffing out the lives of Americans.

So now i’m hearing the murder victim of the police may have been an ex-offender…that does not matter. 

Jesus was crucified between two criminals. The point is that crucifixion is the larger crime committed by the state. 

And murder committed by those police whom we employ to protect us, makes them judge, jury and executioner.

The days should be over to simply accept the word of anyone just because they wear a police uniform or clerical collar. We know it means nothing to those who only intend to abuse the public’s trust while hiding in plain site. It’d not a uniform the predators are wearing, it’s camouflage.


It’s been my goal to create a little Arts & Entertainment magazine to help promote my own art and friends, as well as inform the public of what it takes to be an Artist, Dancer, Writer, Designer or Musician…but the thing is current drama makes everybody stop and deal with it when it’s inconvenient especially during the pandemic, Americans are risking their lives to fight injustice, contrast their courage if you will to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who is afraid to walk down the city street without numerous armed men in a nation he is supposed to lead.

The creatives are in this mess like everybody else, and seek changes to help people live more stress-free lives. But then you have villains…and villains require our immediate attention…so the rest of us must adjust to deal with whatever is going on in their concept of America. However, their America no longer exists. Their America only exist on a flat two-dimensional plain inside their own skulls. There is nothing you can do to change those minds. One immediately knows that whatever they say they want, will be accompanied by an extremist statement amounting to the genocide of others that they cant tolerate. The mentality that they cant be happy until everybody they don’t like is dead. When I hear it, it sounds like they believe in a god that makes mistakes….one that only meant to make one perfect race, and I guess screwed that up several times. But if you listen to them, hate-speech is cheered…not ”Love your neighbor as you would yourself”….God did not make that color-specific for some reason…it’s almost as if He planned ahead and wanted people to have options while living on his planet. Hear me out, a being with the ability to create PLANETS, and test the harsh conditions on it with dinosaurs before he put us on it to make sure we survived and prospered to a racists intellect is capable of ACCIDENTALLY creating something He didn’t want?

You almost have to overlook that because high I.Q.s with the brains given to them by God want you to believe the universe was created by accident, and humans owe their existence to the evolution of simians (apes) yeah. The universe is an accident, both sexes ….appear on a planet and get this…the 1st humans succeeded in populating the planet….wow.  Notice how Hate speeches never bring up technological innovations made by any of the races making up the history of the country?What will they do if they ever succeed and the discoverer of the cures for diseases they will get leaves the country and keeps the cures to themselves?

How far can one take his racists beliefs? To the point of death for a loved one in a hospital, when a medical professional shows up to your loved one’s room and you request an expert in the field of treatment your dying family member needs and he or she is it? Grown up thinkers in America need to be able to do the math in their heads. If it’s too hard, maybe consider letting go of the garbage and make a clean start and update that brain matter with new and improved insight.

It doesn’t take much time to destroy a building or a country, it takes a lot of time and energy to conceive, design and plan the construction of one. 

The world always needs more builders.


We Remember

Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney




Quilting is an amazing way to preserve history, conserve resources and provide a piece of comfort and for generations to come.

Today I am remembering an artist that came into my life in passing and still has place in my mind and my heart when I think of her work and influence.


Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, was a wonderful example of living art. Born in New Orleans, in 1950 Mooney’s artistic talent carried her throughout the world in fashion, humanitarian acts and in art education

I met Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney In Greensboro, NC. where she held position at Bennett College for Women as Artist In Residence,  It was in 2010 where my fondest memory of Mrs. Mooney was made when she facilitated a quilting workshop. at the African American Atelier, The workshop was very well attended by young,  old, black and white. What a great way to bring community together.


I encourage you to research more on Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, whose work is in the collection of Oprah Winfrey, The late Dr. Maya Angelou and many other greats.

We will miss Jacquelyn Mooney but her art will live on forever.

-Queen V



Emmett, My condolences for your wife Phaladya Dean’s passing. It’s so difficult to process, you need time to readjust to the new you with her physically gone.

I never had the honor of meeting your wife, but She must have been wonderful considering how awesome and kind you are.

I’ve decided to use my Grandmothers scarves to recover special bags that I just won’t let go of. The scarves still hold her scent. A warmth comes over me that feels like her forehead pressed against mine like she would do. Her soft voice saying peace and love at every parting of ways are in the scent of those scarves. When ever she visited she carried a bag filled with her projects, snacks and community information she had to share. She kept her head covered with fabric torn from the bottom of a skirt she hemmed so she would match head to toe. It’s not easy to let go of 42 years in two years. Knowing life without the physical form and becoming closer to the spiritual being is the only way to stay at peace and in Love.

With Emily Hill Rollins,

My Grandmother

-Raena Mitchell